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Elizabeth first came to yoga 16 years ago and found a deep resonance as it became her way of life. Elizabeth completed her teacher training in 2008 at Sivananda Ashram, Kerala and travels to India regularly to deepen her practice in Ashrams, always seeking to learn more. She finds joy in teaching & sharing this deep well of knowledge. Her classes contain deep stretches & strong flowing asana that balance & counterbalance. She has been practicing mindfulness meditation since the 90's and passes on the teachings of Suan Mokkh Buddhist temple in Thailand in her yoga & meditation classes.

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Ebba has been a globe trotting yogini the last decade, gathering knowledge from different schools in yoga, meditation, dance & healing to create her own style: HappySoulYoga. Yoga to raise your vibration! Creative fluid vinyasa sequencing, mixed with breath-work, freestyle movement & meditation with music playing a big part of classes too. She has over 500 hour TTC with Yoga Alliance, completing all her training in India. She also organises retreats in Ibiza, Sardinia & Sweden. Her classes are suitable for all; everyone should feel challenged but comfortable! 


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Lauren believes that yoga unlocks creative, transformational energy. Her yoga journey started in her early twenties and she has been teaching for 2 years. She teaches with a will of taking students out of their minds and into their hearts whilst releasing and surrendering to breath & movement. Her style is vinyasa with long juciy holds. Her classes are strong but soft, playful yet soulful. Lauren invites her students to simply feel, to be present on the yoga mat with a soft & forgiving attitude towards themselves.

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Nicola is an Ashtanga Mysore teacher & shares many styles of yoga: Yin/Yang or healing/energizing in a mentally engaging & fun way. The practice of yoga has supported her own transformational journey, so she shares her knowledge with a depth of compassion. Honoured & humbled to guide others on their journey to deeper understanding of self through the physical form. Through Yoga she wishes to share her message of love, compassion, unity and light. Nicola also an Ayurvedic massage therapist.


Brenda followed her path into yoga after her first trip to India. She gained her Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher certification in Thailand with Lorraine Taylor. She then furthered her training in London becoming a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and continued to study yoga in Prana Vinyasa Flow . Her pregnancy lessons are fluid, nourishing and deeply feminine. A practice that strengthens the inner relationship with the female body. Her teaching offers the mum-to-be a time to reinforce the bond between her and her baby, to achieve serenity and to create a healthy pregnancy.

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Suse has been practicing yoga for 8 years alongside working as an artist and writer. In the last 2 years whilst caring for her terminally ill mother and learning more about life, death, love, energetic fields and meditation she decided to embark upon a deeper understanding of yoga through sharing and teaching.  Having qualified in 450 hours of YTTC including Rocket, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and some Mandala methodology, it was Yin and its power as a deeply healing embodied practice of surrender, that reunited her body and mind. She has recently returned from India where she was travelling and practicing silence and meditation, and Sri Lanka where she was teaching yoga and practicing surfing ;) She is also qualified in Reiki, and is a Tarot and Shibari hobbyist. 

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