SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER 7.30-9.30 PM £20 with Ellie Brucia

London Fields is excited to host some transformative workshops in Tarot & Sound to take you further into the cosy darkness of winter


Samhain is a potent and magical time of year, when darkness is at its height and the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. It is when we can promote rebirth and transformation, look deep into the hidden parts of ourselves and connect with the other realms. 

In this workshop, we will celebrate Samhain and begin by discussing the significance of this time period and how we can best reap the benefits of its energies. We will then reflect with an intuitive tarot card reading exercise, and relax and let go into a candle-lit hour-long sound healing meditation to go deep into ourselves and invite in personal shifts and transformation.

Ellie is a practicing priestess- exploring the tradition of tarot card reading and the centering healing sound of the tibetan singing bowls. She is a grounding force and intuitive guide on your journey into the inner mystic realms realms!

To book this workshop please pay Ellie directly through paypal by clicking the link below!


SATURDAY 10TH NOVEMBER 2-4 PM £25 with Ellie Brucia


If you’re unfamiliar with the world of Tarot and are interested in discovering more about it, this is the workshop for that! Tarot is a valuable tool for developing intuition, offering esoteric wisdom and deep reflection for guidance on our soul’s paths. The exploration of Tarot is a rich and never-ending one, and yet the basics is the most important part of the journey that we can always come back to and re-learn to deepen our understanding. 

In this two hour "Introduction to Tarot" session, we will cover:

-What is Tarot?

-The anatomy of a Tarot deck 

-Discovering some esoteric wisdom that Tarot offers, including an exploration of the elements and numerology

-Engaging in Tarot exercises

-Learning how to read the cards intuitively

-Learning easy layouts to practice reading with on your own

To book this workshop please pay Ellie directly through paypal by clicking the link below!

If you enjoy the introduction to tarot workshop keep your inner eyes open for Ellies Tarot course coming up in the new year- please feel free to email us with expressions of interest and we can keep you updated.